Solving Your Marketing Problems 

Mobile Apps for Charity

Making mobile marketing easier.

We build mobile apps that let you be in front of your target audience all the time.

Mobile Apps for Charity is our name and marketing is our game. Mobile apps are direct marketing tools putting your info at your customer's fingertips.  In-app ads are like mini billboards with your name and logo. You can promote a new product, upcoming sale, or offer coupons. And... there's so much more!

What You Get

Marketing Tools

We create marketing tools to help you gather leads, build your email list and grow you client base. Depending on your level of sponsorship you get PR, infographics and even Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords Marketing to help grow your business. Looking to reach executives and decision makers? We can help market you and your business on LinkedIn!


Social Media Exposure

We post a continuous stream of "thank you's" for  your sponsorship to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The nonprofit does too. You get great PR and build goodwill. This encourages people to do business with YOU! Looking for us to run your social media? We can do that too!


Dave Mullins

Dave has years of experience working with nonprofits and small businesses.  He will explain how to make mobile work with your marketing strategy.

Our Clients Say...

"It is important that we are a socially conscious business while promoting virtual and mobile.  Working with Mobile Apps for Charity and their nonprofits is a perfect fit for the exposure we desire."

John Green, My Business Assistant

"BBU is a company with local roots. Supporting a local nonprofit through Mobile Apps for Charity is a great way to expand our social efforts in our community. . We get to help some great organizations. The community exposure we get helps with our brand awareness and in attracting new clients."

Debbie Lombardi, BBU

Ready to Talk to Us?

We’re looking forward to speaking with  you and  sharing our vision of how you can strengthen the relationship between local community nonprofits and your business. 

 Your consultation will be free and you are under no obligation to purchase our services.